Scooter Advertising Sydney

Advertising in Sydney is an amazing opportunity to grow your brand awareness and equity. Melbournians have a culture and sophistication that isn’t found elsewhere in Australia and with a well planned ad spend, your advertising campaign can be extremely effective in Sydney.

Characteristics of Sydney:

  • Thriving Cafe, Bar & Restaurant Culture – Melbournians love to eat out and socialise. This offers a great opportunity to target the hot spots like Chapel St, Brunswick St, the CBD, St Kilda and more. 
  • Huge Sporting Culture – We have some of the best facilities for sport in the world and Scooter Advertising Sydney know how to place our Scooters in the best spots and maximise their effectiveness.
  • Arts & Music – Sydney love their Arts & Music scene and are constantly attending festivals ranging from the International Comedy Festival and Film Festival to International Fashion Festivals. Using these to target specific demographics can be hugely successful for Scooter Advertising Campaigns.

Scooter Advertising Sydney advertising in front of the Queen Vic Markets

Scooter Advertising Sydney advertising in China Town, Sydney CBD

Scooter Advertising Icon for Scooter Advertising Sydney    Advertise in the Sporting Capital of the World

Scooter Advertising Sydney

Scooter advertising provides access to exclusive areas that larger format mobile billboards or fixed billboards cannot match. As an added benefit, scooters are extremely environmentally friendly and can hold advertising creative on three panels.

To get the most from your Scooter Advertising campaign, we target city streets, crowded shopping strips and built up areas. It gives your creative an interactive feel and grabs attention much more efficiently than fixed position advertising. Scooter Advertising Sydney offers the most cost effective rates in the country as well as no minimum campaign period – bookings can range from 4hrs to week long campaigns.

The Best Uses

 Circulate at large Events

  Shopping Strips/Centres

Park at Public Transport Hubs

Restaurant Openings

Target Sporting Crowds

Impact Captive Audience at Lights

Scooter Advertising Icon for Scooter Advertising Sydney

Chapel St is Perfect for Influencing Shoppers and Socialites

Free Campaign Add-Ons


Ask us about illuminating the scooter billboards to make night campaigns possible. Illuminated billboards are a great way to stand out as many traditional advertising methods aren’t as effective at night.

Promotional Materials

When parked, riders can double as promotional staff and hand out flyers, samples or freebies. This is effectively two advertising campaigns for the price of one an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.